Friday, April 28, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Creeping Charlie

Issues with Creeping Charlie? This aggressive weed likes moist, shaded areas, but it also grows in sun and will spread into turf and planting beds. Also called ground ivy, the plant is actually in the mint family, which is known for its tendency to spread. It can quickly form a dense mat, which smothers other vegetation. Creeping Charlie has round or kidney-shape leaves with scalloped edges. The leaves grow opposite each other and are bright green and shiny. The plant puts out vining stems or runners that can root at each node, which is where the leaves attach to the stem. Its stems are square, and in the spring it has small, funnel-shape or tubular purple flowers. How to Treat Creeping Charlie If you've spotted Creeping Charlie early, repeated hand-weeding is an option. Consider a broadleaf triple-mix herbicide Standard post emergent herbicides without these components won't work as well.