Friday, February 23, 2018

A Couple Easy Improvements for Commercial Properties

Let’s discuss two ways to improve a commercial property by increasing both curb appeal, attracting customers and visitors on a regular basis, and possibly even property values. This is our passion at RRR Lawn & Landscape, LLC.
Plant Shrubs and Seasonal Flowers
Our eyes are always drawn to bright and vivid colors, and one of the best ways to achieve this on a commercial property is through planting ornamental shrubs and seasonal flowers. Ornamental shrubs come in a variety of sizes, heights, and colors and they can be designed to add an element of height and visual appeal, especially in bare areas of the property. Seasonal flowers can be planted in a variety of locations, such as property entrances, near doorways, or along walkways or garden areas on the property. Businesses can also use large, bold-colored planters near buildings for further aesthetic value, and to minimize plant maintenance.
Install Water Features
When we step foot onto a commercial property, whether it's an office complex, shopping and retail center, hospital, school, or other commercial sites, we remember if there's something unique or beautiful about the property. If it seems like a tranquil place to be, we are far more likely to return or have positive memories associated with it. Water features can go a long way in helping create a peaceful and calming environment, no matter how hectic or busy the commercial property might be. A water feature such as fountain or pond can not only put visitors and customers at ease but also helps the well-being of employees who get to benefit from their beautiful natural surroundings.

Let our Seasonal Color and Landscape Design services work for you in transforming your commercial properties to stunning landscapes and tranquil places to work and do business on a daily basis. And, just maybe your competitors will be green with envy.

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