Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Is Your Landscape Ready For Spring?

It's March and we both know there are a few more snowfalls to come but how excited are you to see your grass and think about how great your yard will look this year?

Hmm, not so excited? Concerned in fact, let us help you with that.

Creating an eye-catching lawn is an important part of establishing your home’s uniqueness and individuality in the neighborhood. It’s important to have the brightest lights at Christmastime, right? The same thing goes for your flowers, your trees and your general plant decorations all year round. 
Luxury Landscape Design can actually have practical applicability for your home or commercial property in addition to making it look striking. 
Here are four important ways a good landscape design plan will benefit you:
  •   Increasing the resale value
  •   Cutting down on monthly costs
  •   Improving the function of your landscape
  •   Giving your property a bit more privacy
Landscape design can include not only all your wishes but also create solutions for problem areas such as water drainage, defining an entrance or fixing a retaining wall.

Once the design is agreed upon, let our Landscape Management & Lawn Care take care of your weekly maintenance and our Seasonal Color service manage your flower beds, planters, and hanging baskets.

Our four seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall, of Seasonal Color services are sure to keep your home or business looking colorful and festive all year round.  Our design team will select appropriate plant varieties for your beds and containers based upon conditions; sun/shade, irrigation availability, soil condition and climate.

Seasonal Color Installation Options:
  • Rotation of Seasonal Annuals
  • Flower Bed Design & Installation
  • Container Design & Installation
  • Custom Hanging Baskets
  • Soil Amendment
  • Maintenance Programs including Fertilization, Deadheading & Watering
Give us a call, let us present a plan and then take it from there! You will love your yard again, (616) 893-5765.

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