Monday, March 26, 2018

6 Trends in Landscaping to Add to Your Wish List

Your yard is no longer just a place to plant a few shrubs. Think second living room or playroom, outdoor kitchen, fresh air office, and more.
Stimulated by a healthy economy, homeowners are innovating their landscapes in fun, new ways.  Here are some of the top landscape trends for 2018. 
To protect against the elements, "climate-cognizant landscaping" allows homeowners to quickly accommodate shifts in weather: Think pergolas with retractable canopies, outdoor heaters, and hardscape materials that can withstand drastic temperature fluctuations. Perfect for West Michigan climates.
1. Outdoor fireplaces
Move over, fire pit: Why hunker over a hole with hot coals in the ground when you can lounge next to a bona fide fireplace? It's the perfect addition to an outdoor living space with couches, particularly in colder climes where it might otherwise be too chilly to hang outdoors.
2. Creative play structures 
Seriously, who wouldn't want to play chess in their backyard? It's all part of the trend of "experiential landscape design," in which you interact with your surroundings in a playful, multisensory way.
3. Wonderful Water Features
Interest continues to grow in water features such as waterfalls or small ponds. Landscape and garden designers say water elements are among the biggest trends. We love the sound of water in the garden: water features from inexpensive self-contained systems in an urn or portable fountain to a high-end water wall are popular across all budgets.
4. The Birds and the Bees
It's back-to-the-earth functionality in more and more backyards. Besides figuring out how to incorporate veggie gardens and fruit trees into the landscape, some homeowners are also adding chickens and bees. 
5. Plants in playful colors and patterns
While the simple elegance of greenery was all the rage last year, 2018 will see a renewed interest in adding pops of color and whimsy to landscapes. With UltraViolet named the Color of the Year by Pantone, a leading provider of color systems and an influencer on interior and exterior design, landscape professionals expect to integrate more violets, verbena, clematis, iris, and other purple flowers into landscapes. “Patterned” plants are also getting their time in the garden spotlight, as these unique plants are revered for their intricate details, such as striped leaves or brightly colored veins.
6. Mainstream Sustainability
Low-maintenance gardens, drought-tolerant plants, and less turfgrass have become the norm in landscape design. Homeowners now assume sustainable design will be a major part of the plan — both for economic and environmental reasons. 
Let's get creative and discuss your idea list. Your outdoor living space can be as inventive as you wish with RRR Lawn & Landscape.

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